Night at The Best Jjimjilbang in Town


Have you heard about Jjimjilbang? Jjimjilbang is one of the famous-unique-mandatory activities to try in Korea as it’s originally from there. So as an exchange student that’s staying for 4 months in Korea, me and my friends put Jjimjilbang in our bucketlist.

Luckily, on some occasion, I met Hyoung-jun Choi (the Director of Sejong Club) and Suyoung Kwak (the Communications Team Manager of Dragon Hill Spa & Resort) and got the opportunity to have a fully sponsored entertainment experience in the best Jjimjilbang place in Seoul, The Dragon Hill Spa & Resort (

*Jjimjilbang = A large, gender-segregated public bathhouse in Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional kiln saunas and massage tables (source: wikipedia)

Arriving in the Yongsan Station
Exit No.1 is on the right corner across the gate when I’m arriving in this station
Walk to the right side of the Station, passing the I’Park Mall

We take the Exit No.1 from KTX Station or Yongsan Subway Station (Line No.1) and walk for about one minute to the right side of the station. Dragon Hill Spa & Resort is located just beside the Yongsan Station and the I’Park Mall.

The entrance has a unique design and peaceful vibes once we entered it. It is big, there are 7 levels of facilities includes fitness club, healing zone, spa & sauna, sky garden, F&B Area, playground, etc

Sign up to where the excitement began 😀
My friend said we looked like we were about star on a new hit reality show, “Night @ the Spa”
Taking our spa uniform(?), the towels and the electronic payment bracelet that we can tap it everywhere we want to make a purchase, including F&B, the restaurants, and playground then pay it cash on the way out after we’re done. The electronic bracelet also includes the key of our locker
After we’re done taking our stuff, we put our shoes in this locker
Oppa Suyoung Kwak giving us a quick tour then we’re ready to go upstairs for the woman changing room and the spa. After we got up, it was forbidden to take pictures (duh)
Afterrr. Girl’s t-shirt is green and boy’s are blueee. Looks like we proudly holding a bottle of Sikhye (Korean Sweet Rice Drink) (my favorite drink in Korea :p)
The hall to chill
The Jjimjilbang has various option for the heating temperature
But first, before we entered, we should take one of this kind-of-pillow

It’s surprisingly so comfy and relaxing, while at the same time makes us more healthy because we’re sweating without doing anything. By the way, if you want to have a quality time with someone this is a good idea haha because its too hot to bring your phone inside so you can just have a good conversation (but I still bring my phone inside :p).

We decide to have a dinner
That Bulgogi is the BEST BULGOGI I’VE EVER EAT ehe ehe
Time to let the food get disgested
Seems like we’re here for the games instead of the Jjimjilbang haha
And the Noraebang (Karaoke)
Dessert by the pool (not cake by the ocean)
Continue to another sauna hoping to burn the calories fast
That bluish room is the cold room that really have frozen ice on some spots
This one smells like spices aromatherapy and shape like a pyramid
Japanese styles
Where the foods stay single and available
The Jjimjilbang Eggs! we hit it to other people’s head to crack it lol 😀
This one turns out to be my favorite
Mandatory spot to take a pic

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