Myeongdong and The Street Food


Known as the most famous shopping street in Seoul located in Exit Myeongdong Station Line 4. This time I came here to explore and focus on collecting the street food picture beside being distracted to the huge beauty stores. Tips: Bring your friends or family when you go here so you can share the food and taste it all.

the lively street
Notice that banner in the street lamp with a guy photos in it? Well in Korea if it’s celebrities birthday, you can see their photos on banner in the street, billboard in the subway station, etc saying happy birthday.

Pumpkin Soup

Hot Dog with the-most-variaties-sauce-ever

The most common korean street food

Chicken BBQ  satay with korean sauce (taste kinda spicy)

Lobster Tail Meat – the most expensive kind of food that I’ve found in this street

Squid squid squid

How to heat the food to make it warm and fresh again

– korean fish-shaped bread with filling, usually vanila or red bean, served crispy and hot (my favorites snack)
Also a common kind of ice dessert (which is with waffle) in Korea beside Bingsoo or shaved ice dessert


Sweet Potato

Mandu – served with yummy soy garlic sauce (also my favorite, taste like chinese food)

Dried Squid Meat

Chicken and Sweet Potato with sauce like chicken gangjong in Lotteria

Again, lobster tail

Baked Cheese – for me it’s kind of tasteless, I don’t taste the cheese at all. They also combine it with Tteokbokki

alley and alley..


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  1. Keiko , I think it’s time for me to take cam lessons from you.

    I have seen the soul in the pics . Fabulous job

    1. Hehe Sukriyah Abhilash, glad that if you think the pic is good enough. I’ll tell you if I post another article! đŸ™‚

  2. Kei, suka deh sama foto-fotonya đŸ™‚
    ditunggu postingan China travelnya!

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