Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival


I spent my last Saturday in Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival that is only held on 1st -9th April 2017. This festival is to celebrate the blossoming season. Located near the Hangang Park and behind the National Assembly Building. We can go there by got off in National Assembly Station and do 5 minutes walk towards the river but instead I just get off in Dangsan Station which is one station before. I choose to walk from there because I think between station is near like about 10-20 minutes walk, and in that station, I already saw so many posters of this event. I asked a SevenEleven staff and got the directions to go there. This special event seems so exciting to the local people, the poster is like in every station, banner in streets, ask local people and they will give you the direction.

Walking toward the river and passing this tunnel

The view beside me while walking toward the National Assembly Building

Cute Police Car

Just walk towards that building

The view after I got after arrive at the festival venue, it’s disappointing tho, there’s no cherry blossom yet, it should be a tunnel of cherry blossom by 1st of April but no it’s not 🙁

Little stage performing some acoustic music.
Actually, I have to find my other friends that still in the National Assembly Subway Station, so I’m heading there and suddenly it’s raining. I must pass the National Assembly Building Area while sheltering sometimes. In the mean times I took a quick shots too.

Cute book station in a park

One of the conference and meeting hall

Modern toilet beside the traditional Korean house
The rain in the Spring season here usually only last around 1 hours or in a short time. I manage to convince my friends that it’s already sunny and now we can enjoy the festival.

They are getting ready

One of the shop that sell Korean Stuff like local snacks and games

Kids that’s so enthusiastic when I want to get their picture

I’m the one who wrote “Wohoo Spring is coming! -Indonesia-” lol

A coffee shop

Photo studio

I found many people in here seems really like their picture taken, not only kids
There’s a loud parade music coming in our way andddddd here’s the link to the parade photography! 😀

Another stage performing a jazz band

Unique church on the end of the festival venue street





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  1. They sure loved their picture taken😅 and it’s very unfortunate that you don’t get the chance to see the cherry blossom.. but your hard work to get there is worth it, yes? Hehe one more thing, could you post something like the parks and other landmarks or the night view? Hehe thankss🤓

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